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French drain design and install

French drains are essentially perforated pipes buried in a gravel filled trench that disperse drain water. Residential and Commercial Drainage Installation: Perez & Perez Construction installs water drainage systems for home and commercial real estate.

Sump Pump Installation

For homes with basements that regularly accumulate water, recommends the installation of a Sump to Pump out the excess. This will keep you safe from water infiltration when storm events happen or excess water hits your foundations /basement area.

Roof Drains Pipe Systems

Perez & Perez Construction will install a roof drain pipe System along the edges of your home’s roof that collects water coming off you your roof during rains. The water is sent down a downspout, and routed away from the houses foundation.

Basement Waterproofing

This includes drainage and sealers to keep water from seeping into the basement.

Basement Water

Some basements are built below the existing water table, and are susceptible to collecting water or excess moisture. This problem can be dealt with by installing a proper basement drainage system, and waterproofing the basement walls.

Foundation Waterproofing

We use an exterior concrete and masonry wall damp- proofing to seal out moisture and prevent corrosion. Normally looks like black tar. Proper drainage is the key to keeping the foundation dry, so Perez & Perez Construction will install a good drainage system around your existing foundation.

Foundation Replacement

Many houses build before the 1950’s have foundations that are no longer safe due to inferior materials or damage. Perez & Perez Construction will replace the existing foundation to include rebar and foundation bolts to keep your foundation secure.

Water Drainage

Water is primary cause of damage to your home’s foundation. Standing water can undermine the foundation, and cause damage to the whole house. Perez & Perez Construction will install a proper water drainage system for your home to prevent foundation problems.

Retaining Walls, Design and Build

A retaining wall is important for homes on a slope to prevent the soil from sliding down. Perez & Perez Construction will assess the property, and build a strong retaining wall to save your home from damage. The retaining wall can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Seismic Upgrade

In California, it is essential that homes are upgraded for seismic activity. Perez & Perez Construction will reinforce foundations and using a number of modern techniques as needed for your structure.

Drain Tile

For areas that have lots of standing water, an underground drain tile system should be installed to keep the water moving away from away from the home. The drain tile system works with gravity to collect water and eventually let it run into a collection point.

Drainage inspection

Proper drain inspection to isolate to problem issues is essential for preventing water damage.

Storm drains

Storm drains are designed to collect large amounts of water collect on road or parking lots.

Solutions for wet crawl space

Perez & Perez Construction will inspect your crawl space, and determine the best solution for draining any dampness or standing water.

Surface water collection

Perez & Perez Construction will install a system to drain collect surface water that results from storms.

Catch Basins

Perez & Perez Construction will install catch basics to catch any materials that might flow into the sewage system, and also install reservoirs for water collection.

Drain Channel Installation

Perez & Perez Construction install drainage to move water away from structures.

Erosion Control

Perez & Perez will assess the property, and install a system of concrete v ditches that will prevent soil erosion that could undermine the structure or property.

Battery Backup Systems Design and Install.

As you can see from the list of drainage services we provide there is little about drainage that we don’t cover with our team of qualified pros. If your home or business needs protection from water incursion then you need the experience our team provides to get job done right, on time, and when you need it done before the water comes flooding into your property.

Perez & Perez Construction Inc. prides itself on installing drainage systems that work well to protect your home or business from the damage caused by poor drainage. Homeowners receive free estimate on the cost of repairs like foundation repair or replacement, retaining walls, sump pump installation, and foundation and basement waterproofing.

The purpose of a drainage system is to carry unwanted water away from a building. Standing water can lead to damp and mold and mildew infesting your home, but can also undermine the foundation leading to major repairs in the future. A good drainage system may involve something simple as downspouts and drains that carry water away from the home. If gravity doesn’t help your home requires a sub drain with a sump pump to help move water. Installing a good drainage system can involve removal of decks or sidewalks, and working around trees or underground utilities. These are tasks for a professional drainage service like Perez & Perez Construction, your East Bay Drainage Specialist.