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We have earned the reputation of being one of the best, if not the best, general contractors in the area.

East Bay Drainage Specialist.

Perez & Perez Construction Inc. has been a highly reputable general contractor in the bay area specializing in all aspects of residential and commercial drainage installation 1996.

Our company prides itself o installing system that work to project you home and business. Drainage is unseen area of homes were built in the 1950’s or earlier. Due to age, quality of the materials, and dated construction techniques, many older homes are more vulnerable to the effects of water weather and aging foundations can shift due to soil conditions.

Don’t let your valuable investment in your home be undermined by bad drainage. Perez & Perez Construction Inc. can project your home with effective drainage systems.

Serving the East Bay Since 1996 – When you need a seasoned professional drainage contractor for your job Perez & Perez Construction Inc. (in business since 1996) brings its high quality team to fix or install your drainage system to keep your home safe from moisture damage.

Perez & Perez Construction prides itself on designing and installing drainage systems that work help to protect your home and business. Consideration is given to existing soil conditions, ground water flow, slope length elevation changes and foundation depth. Reasoning judgment and creative thought are combined with years of experiences to insure that your solution will better than you ever thought possible. Foundation Repair, Replacement, Retaining Walls, Seismic Upgrade, Structural Repairs.

Edwin Perez the president of Perez Construction Inc. Will design and install your drainage system right the first time. In business since 1996, Perez & Perez Construction is well established in the East Bay as a reliable and effective contractor your drainage needs.

If you need essential drainage issues resolved at your home or property then let the pros at Perez & Perez Construction handle your job. We have been working with homeowners since 1996 to make sure their drainage construction is done right, protects their homes for the long haul, and gives them piece of mind when the rains come each year.


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Perez & Perez General Contractor Inc. Is a solid team that is always on time and on budget. You can always look forward to consistency, quality, and accuracy whenever you work with the professionals at Perez & Perez.


At Perez & Perez General Contractor we strive to be the leading general contractors in the area by providing quality results and establishing successful partnerships with our clients through meeting demands and surpassing expectations.